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                                 ( Cröbern, Peter and Paul Church )

Dear friends of the Cröbern diorama,

over the past seven years, I very much enjoyed building the diorama. When showing the finished parts on annual expositions I got much positive feedback. The same was true for all your e-mails and talks, all of which motivated me greatly to carry on until the diorama was finished.

To the day 200 years after the Battle of the Nations, on October 16th, 2013, I will present the Cröbern diorama in its full size for the first time to the public. Alongside the Möckern diorama, built by my friend Patrick Ullrich, Cröbern will be displayed on the precincts of the Historic Markkleeberg Gatehouse, until October 20th. From April 2014, both large dioramas will be exhibited in the gorgeous rooms of our museum in Hann. Münden.

I would like to say thank you to everybody who kept visiting my website over the years. I am hoping you enjoyed seeing the diorama grow during this long period of time.

The Cröbern diorama has been finished, that is why I will discontinue the Cröbern website. However, important parts of it such as the how to build model houses etc., are being transferred to our club website. Furthermore, the making of the diorama and the history of October 16th, 1813, in and around Cröbern are documented in a book to be presented to the public on the Markkleeberg expo.

I would also like to thank those who patronized my diorama shop, hoping that you enjoyed and still enjoy using my products for diorama building.

But this is not to say good-bye to the hobby. On the contrary, we are really starting right now. Many interesting projects are in the offing, and conditions for making our dreams come true are better than ever.

So in the future, you may find all information on the Cröbern and Möckern dioramas and further projects on our club website:

Diorama and modelling products will be offered via our online shop. We hope to be able to continually enlarge our range of products. You may find our shop via the club website or directly via


Thanks again,